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Conducting inspections for commercial/industrial properties requires a higher level of expertise compared to typical residential inspections. These properties are intended to be occupied by the public or tenants, thereby exposing the owner to potential liabilities. Considering this, commercial properties must be inspected with a specific focus in mind.

In order to assess the property effectively, we need to understand its current usage as well as the intended use by the potential new owner. This allows us to determine if the property's mechanical systems are suitable and if the structure can accommodate the new purpose. Additionally, we thoroughly examine parking and accessibility aspects, among other crucial factors.

If necessary, we collaborate with licensed mechanical and structural contractors to assist us in evaluating the property's overall condition for the intended use. This ensures a comprehensive assessment and provides valuable insights to our clients.

Selecting FDPI Commercial Property Assessment to evaluate the condition of a building prior to purchase can prove to be a wise decision for Chattanooga/Tri-state real estate investors. With vast experience in commercial property inspection, FDPI has a wealth of knowledge in assessing various types of buildings. We're committed to equipping you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Reach out to us at (423) 664-3860, or request more information with the form below.


Types of Commercial Inspections We Perform

  • Pre-purchase Assessment – Performed before the purchase of a property. This inspection will reduce the risk of costly surprises by identifying items that are or will be in need of repair/replacement within the next 2 years. This will help by allowing you to consider these conditions prior to purchase and allow you to budget any future costs associated with the purchase. The benefit of a pre-purchase inspection is that you will have a sound basis on which to make an informed decision regarding your investment in the property.
  • Pre/Post Lease Assessment- Performed before the lease of a property, by either the lessor or lessee. This inspection will identify the current conditions of the property, so both parties know. This will help provide a clear defining line as to who will be responsible for what during the lease as well as upon termination. A post-lease assessment being required upon lease termination could make sure the right party is held responsible for changed conditions.
  • Annual Conditions Assessment– Investment property is normally not occupied by the owner, or has public/employee access. The worst part of real estate investing is liability exposure. Everyone is sue-happy these days! Due diligence is your first line of defense if there is a claim or suit. Melanie worked in commercial construction for many years, has been OSHA certified many times, and is very liability-minded while inspecting. Proper lighting, egress, safety measures, fire protection, first-aid, etc., is key to coming out on top in litigation. Tenants can make changes to your property that could hinder some of these preventative measures unbeknownst to you, but the judge will not care. Periodical inspections could be your saving grace.




    Just a sample of properties we inspect...

    Auto Dealerships

    Apartment Buildings

    Rental Properties

    Mixed-use Properties

    Industrial Properties

    Churches & Institutions

    Medical Facilities

    Office Buildings

    Sports Complexes

    Hotels & Motels

    Warehouses & Factories

    Daycare Facilities

    Recreational Areas

    Restaurants & Breweries

    Strip Malls

    Shopping Centers

    My Promise TO YOU

    What You Should Expect

    “I've spent 15+ years in the Real Estate Inspection Industry, after 27 years in construction-related fields.  I cut my teeth building bridges, have been a builder and developer, plus I spent many years working at a company with civil, structural and geotechnical engineers as a senior geotechnical, structural, masonry and erosion control inspector. The knowledge gained during this time was priceless. I commit to make every effort to bring peace of mind to your commercial real estate investing experience.

    While it is typical to have maintenance crews/contracts for day-to-day issues, I will focus on conditions that might need expensive maintenance/replacement within a set timeframe and provide insight into when you might expect to need to deal with the concern, as this is the normal main concern of commercial investors.

    • Melanie Crabtree

    About FDPI Commercial

    Who We Are

    FDPI Commercial Property Assessment is a Commercial/Industrial inspection company serving the greater Chattanooga and North Georgia area. Locally owned and operated with uncompromising work ethics and standards. FDPI Commercial was founded with the goal of combining the highest technical skills with superior customer service. When you retain FDPI Commercial Property Assessment, you’re hiring a conscientious, educated professional who loves helping clients with one of the most important investment decisions they will ever make.

    Mission Statement

    To empower real estate buyers, sellers and investors through education. Our company is dedicated to providing you with the most detailed and accurate information, as well as the state-of-the-art reporting methods and equipment that you will need to make an informed decision.

    FDPI Commercial Property Assessment is a locally owned and operated full-service property inspection company serving the greater Chattanooga Tennessee area. Trust FDPI Commercial as your conscientious, educated professional who loves helping clients with one of the most important investment decisions they will ever make.

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